DitY Mission

To provide mechanical expertise, tools and a safe environment for vehicle owners to do automotive repair work on their own vehicles at a reasonable price, to reduce maintenance costs and to reduce their total cost of ownership.  


 dity auto repair entrance

DitY Vision

To provide quality automotive repair facilities and services that appeal to the residents of Central Florida to grow demand for Do-it-Yourself (DitY) Auto Repair, LLC as a national franchise across the United States that could expand worldwide.


Team of DitY Auto Repair Key Personnel

Jesus Verdejo, Jr. Owner/President                             Email: jesus@DitYAutoRepair.com

Oscar Verdejo Manager                                                Email: oscar@DitYAutoRepair.com

Jesus Verdejo, III Dip-Your-Car Specialist                    Email: jv@DitYAutoRepair.com

Purin Wescovich Assistant Manager                           Email: purin@DitYAutoRepair.com

Hector Velazques Mechanic with over 20 years of experience.




Map and Contact Info

Kissimmee auto repair location map

DitY Auto Repair
2968 Michigan Av, Suite I
Kissimmee, FL 34744 USA
Contact Us Today

Phone: 407-348-3400