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Bring your tools or use ours if you discover that you didn’t bring the tool you need to get the job done right.  Or leave your tools at home and use DitY’s.

auto repair rental tools

A basic set of tools, and some specialized tools, are included with the rental of the bay. Air-tools can be rented for a small fee.

21 Responses to “Auto Repair Tool Rental”

  • Andy:

    Do you have Single Action Car Strut Coil Spring Press Compressor Tool for rent? Thank you very much.

    • Tom Pagan:

      We have different types of compressor tools, which can be accessed by renting one of our bays. Are bay rentals include the tools for your automotive repair needs. The shop includes floor mounted press and two different hand held compressors. I hope this answers your question. Take care and have a nice day.

  • Walt:

    Can I come there to just change fluids, oil, transmission, coolant? As in do you supply the catch pans and dispose of the old fluids. Thanks

    • Tom Pagan:


      You can come into the shop to change your oil, coolant, or transmission fluid. We do have all the equipment and catch pans at no additional charge.


  • Tom:

    Do you have torches to heat up bolts or O2 sensors to break them loose?

    • Tom Pagan:


      Yes we do have a torch that is available for an additional fee to heat up bolts to loosen them. We also carry tools that remove O2 sensors, which makes it easier for our customers to work on their own cars. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. Have a great day.


  • Robben:

    Do you have r134a so I can work on my AC system? So I can pull a vacuum on it and recharge it if need be.

    • Sorry to have missed this. I am on travel and have had little time to read my mail and blogs from our web page. To answer your question, we have R134, but its in large canisters to be used by our automatic A/C machine, and not for individual sale. Our A/C machine hooks up and does the vacuum oil re-fill and R134 re-fill and then tests for leaks based on your vehicle year make and model. We, additionally, add dye to the oil to visually detect leaks in the system. This test is a $125.00 flat fee, nevertheless, we can connect the pressure hoses to your A/C system and can tell you exactly how much pressure exists on your low side and high side.

  • Dax:

    Do you have the tire remover and bubble balance for replacing tires?
    Also, do you have an engine / transmission lift for replacing motor mounts?

    • Sorry but our tire changing machine is not functional at this time, nevertheless, we do have engine and transmission lifts for suspending engine while you change your motor mounts.

      • Forgot to post that we have fixed our tire changing machine, I know its late but wanted to circle back and clarify that we are 100% operational on the tire machine.

        • Ben:

          How much is the tire machine to rent?
          Do you have the weights for the aluminum rim?

          Have a great day


          • Yes Ben, we have a balancing machine and we do have aluminum weights. Unfortunately our insurance does NOT allow Do-It-Yourselfers to use anything beyond hand tools and air powered tools. They require one of our trained technicians to use machinery of that nature. It would be $7.50/tire we balance.

  • If I rent a bay, can I change out fluids to two cars. Example is transmission fluids. or are you guys limited to one car per bay?

    • Luis, once you rent a bay, you can put in as many cars as you want in that bay. We start the clock when you get on and stop the clock when you tell us you have driven the last car off the bay and it’s clean and ready to rent to the next customer.

  • Juan:

    Hey, do you guys have a hydraulic press? So that I can press out/in bearings?


    • Sorry for the delay, Yes we do, but our insurance company requires that one of my certified technicians operate the hydraulic press, for an additional charge.

  • Nick Bernal:

    Do you have a vacuum bleeder tool to use for bleeding brakes?

  • nick:

    Do you have a bleeder tool to bleed brake fluid?

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