Drivers are keeping a close watch on gasoline prices as they rise due to the peak summer season. However, there are several ways to lower the cost of a fill up by following the tips listed below. First try to fill up your vehicle early in the morning as the gas temperature tends to be cooler, hence creating denser fuel. The machines used to read gas operate more efficient and you end up with more gas for your money. Second, find gas stations with several other stations in the nearby area. This drives competitive prices and will lower your fuel cost. Third, fill up your vehicle early in the week as prices for fuel tend to rise in the middle of the week and continue to do so until Saturday. This is caused by the rise in fuel consumption as the weekend gets closer and more travelers hit the roads. Last, do your research on line and use your phone apps to find the best deals. This week’s tips from your Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.


The cost of vehicle operation and ownership are increasing yearly. There are many factors that go with owning a car or truck to include maintenance, fuel, tire cost, insurance, and depreciation. Costs are going up with inflation, which means owners should do there research before purchasing a vehicle and not base the affordability on the loan payment. Vehicles with high performance engines and tires require more expensive repairs due to the upgraded parts. This is especially true with European cars, since most come with upgrades from the factory. Used car sales are on the rise as well, but without proper maintenance the potential buyers need to consider all the cost associated with purchasing that vehicle. There are many sources on line to assist car buyers on associated cost with owning a vehicle. This gives owners a summary of actual ownership cost and what kind of vehicle fits there budget., AAA, and are all sites that offer information on vehicle ownership. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

People have busy lives and tend to forget things unless it’s marked on a calendar, appointment book, log or mobile phone app. This is especially true for vehicle maintenance schedules. Unless you have a leased or new vehicle in which the dealer notifies you of maintenance required it’s hard to remember. That’s why keeping a vehicle maintenance log can save you a lot of money, questions, and time. Microsoft Word has a template for this type of log. Other software and apps can be found on line in the Google App Store, Apple App Store, or Windows App Store. Schedules will help owners keep track of maintenance performed, cost of maintenance, and can be useful when the vehicle is being sold. Owners who keep maintenance logs can ask more money when a vehicle is being sold, since it shows a history of maintenance usually with recipes, times, dates, and shop information. So remember that a little investment in time and record keeping will help you regain some of your cost back in the future as well keeping you up to date on preventive maintenance. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

One of the main used car buying mistakes is not researching the vehicle history. What I mean buy research is not only a car fax history, but also the reliability history for the make and model. Consumers can easily find this information by visiting online forums,,, Consumer Reports, etc. The online articles and post can reveal any major defects, factory recalls, parts that fail prematurely, and can provide the buyer an overall feel for the vehicle reliability. A vehicle purchase is an important investment and should be treated as such. Call your bank and see how much they can approve the loan for and interest rate. Your bank can also offer an extended warranty and GAP insurance as part of the loan. Auto dealers have the same products; however, there is a cost increase. They usually increase interest rates on a vehicle loan and get a percentage from the bank by doing so. There vehicle extended warranties work the same way. The car dealer is not there to help you. They’re a business that makes a profit if given any opportunity.  Inclosing, don’t go into a dealer not knowing what vehicle you want. This can lead to a pressure sale and a purchase that you will not be satisfied with. If you need any more information on used car buying tips do a search on Google or Bing. You’ll find many articles with tips on everything from vehicle inspections to the type of loans a buyer should get in order to save money. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun spring.

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