Automobiles have a cooling system that is responsible for keeping the engine running at optimal temperatures. This means the engine shouldn’t run too cold nor too hot. The cooling system uses the cooling fans to blow cold air into the radiator, which then transfers heat out of the vehicle via its network of tubes and fins. All this occurs if the system is running properly e.g. radiator surface areas are clear and free of debris, and the proper amount of air flow is running through radiator. When vehicles are running at higher speeds the latter tends not to be an issue; however, if the vehicle is in traffic and if not moving air circulation will be poor. This is why cooling fans are important and why they should be maintained. There are different kinds of fans ranging from belt driven, clutch driven, and electric cooling fans. You should do an internet search or visit your local mechanic shop to find out the fan type used by your vehicle. Remember a weak fan or non-functioning fan will lead to a vehicle failure. Many cars are designed to shut down if the engine reaches high temperatures. If you continue to operate the vehicle it will lead to a catastrophic engine failure damaging major components and costing a lot of money in repairs. In summary, have your fans inspected if you notice vehicle temperatures going above the normal operating range, smell anything burning, smell coolant, or if you can’t hear them engage once the vehicle warms up. This week’s tips from your Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

Today’s highways are filled with vehicles that run on both fossil fuels and electricity. Cars and trucks that run on fossil fuels continue to use electricity as part of there system unlike electric vehicles that only use battery power. This means vehicle owner’s should have their charging systems inspected as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid a breakdown. A common failure of the charging system is the alternator, which is the component responsible for recharging the battery. After about 5-7 years this part wears out and tends to lose its charging ability. This in turns puts a strain on the vehicle battery and causes premature battery failure. If the vehicle is run with a weak alternator for a long period of time the battery will fail and cause the entire system to shut down. Drivers who need assistance with diagnosing or testing their vehicle charging system can do so at the local auto parts store or here at DitY Auto Repair. Our staff has the equipment and training to assist you in vehicle repairs, which saves you money. For additional information you can do an Internet Search on alternator maintenance. This week’s tips from your Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

Automobiles require coolant-antifreeze combined with water to keep the engine running cool. As a driver you should know the correct way to mix these liquids to avoid damaging the cooling system of your car or truck. Always try to use distilled water, since it has all impurities removed. Tap water contains many elements that corrode vehicle cooling components prematurely. Coolant should be diluted with water at a 50-50 ratio or as instructed by the manufacturer. Water is used to ensure good heat transfer for the coolant as it runs through the radiator and the antifreeze keeps the mixture from freezing during extreme cold. You should check coolant levels as recommended by your vehicle owner’s manual. Upon inspection if you find that it is low fill the reservoir with the premixed solution until at max level. Here at DitY Auto Repair we check all fluids during vehicle oil changes and can assist DIY customers on how to check fluids. For additional information do an online Google Search using the keyword “coolant”. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

We’ve talked about the importance of tire upkeep before and now summer brings in the rain season. Tires are the only vehicle components that make contact with the road and help the vehicle with traction. This is very important especially under slick driving conditions. Florida roads are very congested with local traffic and tourist alike, which means having good tires may help you during emergency stops or maneuvers to avoid an accident.  So always remember to check your tire pressure to ensure improved gas mileage and even tire wear. Align your vehicle to keep the steering components lined up and to extend tire life. When you change your oil ask the shop to rotate the tires as recommended by the manufacturer. This last tip will ensure sure extended shock and strut life, while promoting uniform tire wear. Here at DitY Auto Repair we can assist you with all of the following maintenance tips and will be happy to answer any questions concerning tire safety. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

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