Autumn has arrived with cooler temperatures and it’s recommended that your spare tire be inspected. This inspection verifies tire pressure, identifies visible surface damage, dry rot, or air leaks. A tire pressure gauge is recommended as well so that you can regularly check vehicle tire pressure for optimal operation of all the tires. Tire pressure gauges usually cost between $5.00 – $10.00 dollars; however, more expensive options are available if desired. Note that for SUV’s, pickups, jeeps, and vans the spare tire may be located on the exterior or undercarriage of these vehicles. That means the spare is exposed to many foreign elements and temperatures. Ensure the mechanism that lowers or raises the spare into position works properly, because it may be rusted. If the mechanism is frozen in place due to rust or grime try some WD-40 or break free lubricant to unfreeze it. This makes it easier to operate in case of an unexpected tire change. Finally, you should check your tire pressure weekly and follow the vehicles owners’ manual on tire maintenance. This week’s automotive tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun fall.

Customers often want to know the importance and need of an alignment. The terms wheel alignment and alignment refer to in the same thing in the automotive world. Alignment consists of adjustments made on several suspension components in order to straighten out vehicle wheels. These configurations can only be performed after the measurement of complex angles done via a special alignment machine. Vehicles are unaligned if the steering and suspension are no longer functioning at factory designed angles. Accelerated tire wear is one of the symptoms resulting from this type of problem. Worn ball joints; bushings; tie rods; shocks; springs; etc also lead to the wheel alignments needing adjustments. There are several types of alignments offered in this day and age. They include Front-end, which only aligns the two front wheels and suspension components of a car or truck. Thrust Angle alignment, performed on solid rear axle vehicles and four-wheel alignment usually performed on vehicles with four wheel independent suspensions. Check with your mechanic to verify the type of alignment required for your vehicle. Remember to do an alignment every time you replace the tires on your car or truck. For more information on wheel alignment complete an online search using alignment as a key word. This week’s automotive tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun fall.

Vehicle owners should always ensure that their brakes are in proper working condition. It doesn’t matter how often the car or truck is used. Without good brakes no vehicle will stop and that will lead to an accident. Vehicle brakes can be diagnosed immediately when grinding noises are heard during braking. Other sounds you may hear are high pitched noises or screeching during vehicle deceleration. These sounds alert driver’s that it may be time to inspect and replace their brake pads and/or rotors. This prevents complete brake failure or additional repair cost. Other signs of brake servicing include vibration in the steering wheel or brake pedal when decelerating. DitY Auto repair can inspect your vehicle during a routine oil change or when you stop by if you hear any of these signs. Remember brakes are the only components on your vehicle that bring it to a stop or slow it down. Ensure safe driving conditions by maintaining your vehicle’s brakes in good repair. This week’s automotive tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun fall.

Automobiles have a cooling system that is responsible for keeping the engine running at optimal temperatures. This means the engine shouldn’t run too cold nor too hot. The cooling system uses the cooling fans to blow cold air into the radiator, which then transfers heat out of the vehicle via its network of tubes and fins. All this occurs if the system is running properly e.g. radiator surface areas are clear and free of debris, and the proper amount of air flow is running through radiator. When vehicles are running at higher speeds the latter tends not to be an issue; however, if the vehicle is in traffic and if not moving air circulation will be poor. This is why cooling fans are important and why they should be maintained. There are different kinds of fans ranging from belt driven, clutch driven, and electric cooling fans. You should do an internet search or visit your local mechanic shop to find out the fan type used by your vehicle. Remember a weak fan or non-functioning fan will lead to a vehicle failure. Many cars are designed to shut down if the engine reaches high temperatures. If you continue to operate the vehicle it will lead to a catastrophic engine failure damaging major components and costing a lot of money in repairs. In summary, have your fans inspected if you notice vehicle temperatures going above the normal operating range, smell anything burning, smell coolant, or if you can’t hear them engage once the vehicle warms up. This week’s tips from your Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

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