Going on a vacation is supposed to be a wonderful experience. However, if you’re planning on taking your car or truck as a means of transportation perform a pre-trip inspection to avoid a vacation breakdown disaster. This will allow you to identify any issues that may cause problems during the trip. You can set-up a check list and order the problems from minor to major. A trip to your local mechanic shop can help you decide what needs to be addressed and the importance of the repairs. Some items could be replaced at a later time, while others may need immediate attention. At a minimum check all your fluids, rotate your tires, check the lights, replace wipers if worn, inspect your spare tire, and make sure you have an emergency break down kit with any tools required to fix a flat or small issue while on the road. This inspection should take about 20 minutes yet can save you a lot of unforeseen trouble. If you are not familiar with automotive inspections a shop like DitY Auto Repair has friendly mechanics and staff that can walk you through the steps. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a great summer and stay safe.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your vehicle tires as they age and are exposed to the elements. A rubber band is the best way to explain what happens to a tire as it ages. By taking a rubber band that has been sitting out for a while even if indoors and stretching it you’ll notice cracks on it. Now this is a plain rubber band that does little work and most likely has never seen the out side of your home or office. The same thing occurs to your vehicle tires over time. The tolerance is obviously higher; however, as a driver you should inspect tires regularly to identify any faults. This includes cracks, metal from the internal steel belts being exposed, low tire tread depth, dry rot, etc. Rubber on a tire can last many years, but should be inspected at least every five. Most tire shops would not recommend having a tire for more than five years. The performance would not be great and emergency conditions can lead to tire failure due to the tire no longer holding stress as it should. Tires don’t have expiration dates; however, just like a normal rubber band they wear out and fail to maintain their elasticity.  So remember to inspect your tires and stay up on vehicle maintenance. We’ll discuss more on tire maintenance and inspections in our next blog. Have a great summer and Happy 4th of July from your Team at DitY Auto.

There are simple things vehicle owner’s can do to improve the gas mileage on their car or truck. Checking tire pressure is the first one and the easiest. By doing this simple check you could improve your gas mileage by 2-4%. Change your oil according to recommended manufacturer service books. Follow the required oil specifications and you can add 1-2% of increased gas mileage. Check and replace air filters that are defective to increase air flow to the engine. This can also improve engine life and avoid costly repairs. Replace loose, unserviceable, or worn gas caps since it allows gas vapors to escape into the atmosphere. Last and not least do not ignore check engine lights. Check to see why this light is on and if it deals with faulty oxygen sensors. By replacing a defective O2 sensor you can improve vehicle mileage by more than 30% and get the check engine light off. These maintenance tips can all be done as a do it yourself project here at DitY Auto Repair where our staff can assist you. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun spring.

Many of today’s modern vehicles are driven for years and the weak economy reflects this all over the United States. A lot of Americans can no longer afford to purchase a new vehicle. Drivers who can afford to purchase a vehicle tend to buy used cars or trucks, and the market is great for it. What makes the used car market so lucrative? Pre-owned vehicles that are maintained can return years of use to their owners. In some cases the vehicles are paid in full and kept running for 10 plus years. This is all possible by proper maintenance and adhering to the recommended service given by automobile manufacturers. There is no secret in keeping a car running for many years and over 500k. Following the maintenance, keeping the vehicle clean, and driving safely are things that keep an old car running like a new car.  You can find all sorts of tips on maintaining a vehicle and how to do the work yourself on line. Here at DitY Auto Repair our staff can assist you in finding the right parts along with keeping the vehicle maintained, while you do the work. You’ll learn a new skill and save money. This week’s spring automotive tips from your Team at Do-it-Yourself Auto Repair, “Where YOU are the Mechanic”. Have a fun and safe spring.



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