Automobiles have a cooling system that is responsible for keeping the engine running at optimal temperatures. This means the engine shouldn’t run too cold nor too hot. The cooling system uses the cooling fans to blow cold air into the radiator, which then transfers heat out of the vehicle via its network of tubes and fins. All this occurs if the system is running properly e.g. radiator surface areas are clear and free of debris, and the proper amount of air flow is running through radiator. When vehicles are running at higher speeds the latter tends not to be an issue; however, if the vehicle is in traffic and if not moving air circulation will be poor. This is why cooling fans are important and why they should be maintained. There are different kinds of fans ranging from belt driven, clutch driven, and electric cooling fans. You should do an internet search or visit your local mechanic shop to find out the fan type used by your vehicle. Remember a weak fan or non-functioning fan will lead to a vehicle failure. Many cars are designed to shut down if the engine reaches high temperatures. If you continue to operate the vehicle it will lead to a catastrophic engine failure damaging major components and costing a lot of money in repairs. In summary, have your fans inspected if you notice vehicle temperatures going above the normal operating range, smell anything burning, smell coolant, or if you can’t hear them engage once the vehicle warms up. This week’s tips from your Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

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