Automobiles require coolant-antifreeze combined with water to keep the engine running cool. As a driver you should know the correct way to mix these liquids to avoid damaging the cooling system of your car or truck. Always try to use distilled water, since it has all impurities removed. Tap water contains many elements that corrode vehicle cooling components prematurely. Coolant should be diluted with water at a 50-50 ratio or as instructed by the manufacturer. Water is used to ensure good heat transfer for the coolant as it runs through the radiator and the antifreeze keeps the mixture from freezing during extreme cold. You should check coolant levels as recommended by your vehicle owner’s manual. Upon inspection if you find that it is low fill the reservoir with the premixed solution until at max level. Here at DitY Auto Repair we check all fluids during vehicle oil changes and can assist DIY customers on how to check fluids. For additional information do an online Google Search using the keyword “coolant”. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

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