Liquid Wrap Products

At DitY Dips we use only the best, proven, liquid wrap products. We bring together all of the major brands such as DipYourCar, Raail and, Halo to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for on your car.

Professional Installation

At DitY Dips we offer professional installation of liquid wraps to give you the very best result possible. No job is too big or too small for us to tackle and we will provide a custom quote for each and every DitY Dips Liquid Wrap job we do. Everything from emblems, wheels, and chrome deletes to full cars in solid colors, pearls or color shifts will get the same level of attention to detail and professional care you expect.


At DitY Dips we also offer something other shops simply can’t, the ability to do it yourself! DitY Dips/DitY Auto Repair is an authorized reseller of all DipYourCar products as well as Liquid Wrap Depot. We are more than happy to place an order and have it in store and waiting for you or, we can have the items drop shipped to your home. Once you’ve received your products we can rent you the space and equipment to do the job yourself.

Why a liquid Wrap?

There are many reasons to liquid wrap your car. You could wrap it for the ultimate in custom look or just to protect your investment. The properties of the liquid wraps allow for endless possibilities. The liquid rubber or vinyl coating will protect the car’s paint finish from the elements and from the wear and tear of driving. Since the wrap takes the abuse the clear coat underneath stays in perfect condition. The price point and peelability of a liquid wrap also allows for the user to have a new custom look as often as they chose. The only limit to what you can do to your car is your imagination! The peelable nature of the liquid wrap means you aren’t permanently stuck with your choices.



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