Customers often want to know the importance and need of an alignment. The terms wheel alignment and alignment refer to in the same thing in the automotive world. Alignment consists of adjustments made on several suspension components in order to straighten out vehicle wheels. These configurations can only be performed after the measurement of complex angles done via a special alignment machine. Vehicles are unaligned if the steering and suspension are no longer functioning at factory designed angles. Accelerated tire wear is one of the symptoms resulting from this type of problem. Worn ball joints; bushings; tie rods; shocks; springs; etc also lead to the wheel alignments needing adjustments. There are several types of alignments offered in this day and age. They include Front-end, which only aligns the two front wheels and suspension components of a car or truck. Thrust Angle alignment, performed on solid rear axle vehicles and four-wheel alignment usually performed on vehicles with four wheel independent suspensions. Check with your mechanic to verify the type of alignment required for your vehicle. Remember to do an alignment every time you replace the tires on your car or truck. For more information on wheel alignment complete an online search using alignment as a key word. This week’s automotive tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun fall.

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