We’ve talked about the importance of tire upkeep before and now summer brings in the rain season. Tires are the only vehicle components that make contact with the road and help the vehicle with traction. This is very important especially under slick driving conditions. Florida roads are very congested with local traffic and tourist alike, which means having good tires may help you during emergency stops or maneuvers to avoid an accident.  So always remember to check your tire pressure to ensure improved gas mileage and even tire wear. Align your vehicle to keep the steering components lined up and to extend tire life. When you change your oil ask the shop to rotate the tires as recommended by the manufacturer. This last tip will ensure sure extended shock and strut life, while promoting uniform tire wear. Here at DitY Auto Repair we can assist you with all of the following maintenance tips and will be happy to answer any questions concerning tire safety. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

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