Do you ever wonder what happens to your vehicle tires as they age and are exposed to the elements. A rubber band is the best way to explain what happens to a tire as it ages. By taking a rubber band that has been sitting out for a while even if indoors and stretching it you’ll notice cracks on it. Now this is a plain rubber band that does little work and most likely has never seen the out side of your home or office. The same thing occurs to your vehicle tires over time. The tolerance is obviously higher; however, as a driver you should inspect tires regularly to identify any faults. This includes cracks, metal from the internal steel belts being exposed, low tire tread depth, dry rot, etc. Rubber on a tire can last many years, but should be inspected at least every five. Most tire shops would not recommend having a tire for more than five years. The performance would not be great and emergency conditions can lead to tire failure due to the tire no longer holding stress as it should. Tires don’t have expiration dates; however, just like a normal rubber band they wear out and fail to maintain their elasticity.  So remember to inspect your tires and stay up on vehicle maintenance. We’ll discuss more on tire maintenance and inspections in our next blog. Have a great summer and Happy 4th of July from your Team at DitY Auto.

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